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PKF Georgia is a Leading company in Professional Audit and Business Consulting Services in Georgia.

Products and Services of the Company  are Audit, TAX and legal Outsourcing  services,Hotel advisory and other services.


Audit services, carried out by us, are carefully planned, systematically carried out and tailored to your particular requirements. We plan our work in such a way that the audits run smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises. For each of services, we have the tools and techniques to raise the right questions and identify what the key needs are. 

For an efficient audit performance, we analyses your company and its objectives and structure the audit process in a consistently transparent and comprehensible manner. In continuous dialogue, questions can be clarified directly and problems can be recognized at an early stage so that the audit can be complete smoothly and on schedule.

Internal and External Audit.

Tax and Legal

Successful business requires right taxation.

As usual tax code of Georgia faces significant changes. General environment requires to monitor the tax life policy. Our company is fully consisting of professional team with great experience and always monitoring the pulsation of tax life/environment. Our goal is to do our best and try to fill the vacuum between the entrepreneur and tax legislation, provide them right information based on the practice commonly used in Georgia by tax authorities and private sectors and create the right impression about tax issues.

Income and VAT taxes.



Outsourcing Services

PKF Georgia develops a thorough understanding of our client’s activities, operating systems, personnel and special needs.  We use this information to plan a complete but efficient service. In order to meet and exceed your expectations, we are diligent about maintaining open communication throughout the entire engagement.  In our experience, this results in a more effective engagement.  We believe in maintaining our relationships with our clients all year long rather than just during the engagement. PKF Georgia is providing outstanding accounting service to all kinds of companies. PKF help you to achieve better control over accounting issues.



Valuation Services

There are a couple of reasons why you would value a business. Either you want to sell, you are thinking of acquiring another business or you are valuing your business for reporting requirements. By valuing a business on a regular basis it can also assist the owner in thinking about strategic objectives for the business, e.g. marketing strategies to be implemented in order to grow the business.

PKF will help you to determine rational and unbiased estimate of the potential price of your business and assets. PKF welcomes difficult and unique problems to solve. Our professional valuation staff will help you to make accurate business decisions

Valuation Services

Hotel Advisory

PKF is an internationally recognized brand in the hotel industry and is regarded by many as the industry mark of excellence when dealing with hotel consultancy. PKF member firms have been helping hotels to succeed for more than 90 years. We are well placed to help you and your business to grow and prosper.

With member firms throughout the world we can offer valuable support and deliver local insight and expertise – wherever your business is situated. The advisor in our hotels team possess an outstanding mix of expertise and know-how within the hotels sector. The hotels business is a people business and our people are the experts in their field. At PKF we pride ourselves on being able to provide both a personal and professional service. Whether you are looking to expand your existing business, open a new boutique hotel from scratch or simply need some accountancy or business advice, we can help.

Hotel Advisory Srvices
We understand the importance of Hotel Advisory Services.

Other services

HR Solutions

HR services will allow you to focus on your main task- growing. We plan our work in such a way that the HR process run smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises. For each of HR services, we have the tools and techniques to raise the right questions and identify what the key needs are. HR services help clients to reach their objective through constantly getting and developing of the right people and receiving significant information

We’re help you to make right investment into your people.

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